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Get in the Grass 2.0

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I have a NEW and easy way to blend your extracted images into a grassy expanse.  All you need is your eraser tool.  I’ve written instructions for both PS and PSP users.  Yay, me!  :D

First, lets put our “model” on the background.  This is Logan. (Isn’t he just the cutest?  He is Morgan’s twin brother and looks just like his daddy :)

This background was made from a combination of papers from Lori Davison’s "A Pioneer Story" and "Bunnies, Bees and the Bird’s Big Balloon" kits.

Now I could just cover him up with grass elements but it just doesn’t look very natural.  Plus, that would make this blog post really short.  ;)

Another reason the erasing method works so well is that you actually see the background peeking through so you know the colors of the grass are going to be a perfect match. 

Let’s select our eraser tool.

PSP Users:  This is what your eraser tool looks like –

PS Users:  This is what your eraser tool looks like –

I’m going to be loading these grass elements into my brush selection individually.

They are from – left to right:  Maya – “Country Garden” – Birgit Kerr’s – “My Mother’s Garden”  and also from Birgit Kerr – “Urban Summer” .

Let’s lock and load our elements and transform them into fabulous grass brushes.  Here’s how we do it.

PSP Users:

1)  Open your grass element.
2)  Open your Brush previews.
3)  Click on the “Create Brush Tip” button

I always name mine for crediting purposes, but it’s up to you. 

*Tip*  ~ Be sure to name the brush what it is so you can find it easily later on.  Such as:  Grass – 1 – Designer’s Name.  If you name your brush tip after the designer, you might not remember who made it or where it is.  Or is that just me?  Heh

PS Users:

1)  Open your element.
2)  Open your brush menu.
3)  Click on “New Brush Preset “
4)  Click on “Load”

We’re ready to start.  Duplicate your extracted model and hide it, just in case you make any boo-boos, you still have your original extracted image.

And …. ERASE! 

After uploading the first brush I’m going to take my eraser tool and click (tap) inside Logan’s legs to erase small, grass shaped sections of Logan’s legs.  Follow along the natural curves of the body.  I have the opacity of my eraser tool set @ 55%.

I’ve drawn a box to show you what I’ve erased so far with my first brush.

Load your additional grass elements into your brush selections and continue erasing.  Here’s what I’ve erased.

*Important tip*
Do NOT erase in a straight line because that just doesn’t look natural.  Follow the lines in your model’s body. 

To finish this off, I’ve added a drop shadow and set the blend mode to burn and lowered the opacity to 34% just to blend Logan into the grass a tiny bit more.

Easy, right?  I hope you enjoyed this and I really hope it’s helpful to someone.  :D

Big K.I.S.S.   Keeping It Simple Sisters!


12 Responses to “Get in the Grass 2.0”
  1. Ann says:

    Oh, now that’s clever. Clever, I tell ya! Thanks for this tip!

  2. Phuong says:

    Great tutorial! :)

  3. WendyN says:

    Wow great job! Love it, now to remember how to do it, LOL.

  4. webchyck says:

    Brilliant! I don’t even do this type of layout, and now I want to! LOL!

  5. Cynthia says:

    I don’t know how you do it, each and every tutorial is perfect! Thank you!!

  6. alice says:

    Oooo I never thought about making grass brushes. DUH! Lol. I just went along and drew all the individual blades with my tablet.

    One suggestion is for the people who have Photoshop… masking the extraction and painting instead of erasing. That way you can always paint them back in if you make a mistake. :)

  7. Karen Bowers says:

    this is fun! haven’t used/made grass brushes before!

  8. ladyjaine says:

    Darnit! A great tutorial that will send me shopping for kits that contain grass. How am I supposed to save any money for vacations? I keep spending it all here!

  9. Jenna says:

    what a fabulous idea! i never thought of that, and it looks so realistic. Thank you sooo much for sharing all of these tips with us, you’ll make pros out of us all!

  10. Ramona says:

    That does look so natural! Thanks for taking the time to teach the rest of us.

  11. Excellent tut Hon! This will come in handy when I’m doing layouts with my ducks and chickens :-)

  12. Iren says:

    Hello, this is a super idea, but I have a problem! I work in the GIMP, and there I do not track the element! Please do not know how to approach this in GIMP? thank you

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