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Miss Behaving: “Combing” Attractions

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This tutorial is going to be locks of fun.  You don’t need a lot of “hairaphernalia”.  You don’t have to know how to draw, you don’t need a tablet, I’m going to demonstrate a quick and easy way to use vector paths.

Your first attempt of this tutorial should probably be done sober.  Miss Behaving = Snippety Cricket.

Oh yes, my friends … rejoice … for they are ”hair”, the brushes are in the store.

Hair Brushes by Wendy

Inlcuded in the brush pack are some pre-drawn vector paths that will make it incredibly easy to draw a luscious mane of hair.

I’ll be demonstrating how to use the paths by using the photo of this beautiful young lady, Jaz.  Original photo by none other than Tara Dunstan.    Thank you, Tara!

First, duplicate your Original Photo by hitting “Ctrl + J”. You’ll want to use the original photo as a guide as to where to draw your hair.

Next, extract your model. If you need assistance on learning how to extract, please see the “Extraction for Dummies” tutorial.

In PS, open the WZ_Vector Hair Paths file image.

Here’s a brief overview of what each path can be used for.  Although the possibilites are endless.

The layer palette shows the drawings I made with the vector paths.

However, these layers won’t do you much good.  Unless your model has the same style and color hair.

To actually use the paths, we have to select the Paths Palette (circled in red).

Choose the Path you wish to work with.

I am starting on the right side of Jaz’s hair.  I’m going to select (highlight) Path 2.

Go to Edit > Copy.  Go back to your extracted image and select:  Edit > Paste .  The vector path has now been added to our extracted image.

To adjust the vector’s shape, hit “Ctrl + T”.

Rotate it, resize it, flip it, skew it … vectors are a beautiful thing.  You can alter it any which way you like to match your model’s hair.

I would select which one of your brand spanking new brushes to use to paint with first.

Go to your Tool Box and Select your Brush Tool.

Brush Tool

I’m going to start with using the Wz Hairs brush @ size 8.

Studio Wendy's Hair Brushes

Go to your Tool box and select the Pen Tool.  Also, don’t forget to set your foreground color to match your model’s hair.

Pen Tool

*Important Step* – Add a new Layer. You don’t want to draw directly onto your Original Extraction just in case we make mistakes.  Go back to your Layer Palette (circled in red #1) and Create a New layer (circled in red #2).

Right click inside your image. Choose Stroke Path.

Stroke Path

Choose Brush from the drop down menu and check the Simulate Pressure box.

Brush > Simulate Pressure

Tada!  Beautiful hair.  However, you probably can’t see your gorgeous hair.  You are not suffering from ”hairanoya”.  It is because the vector path is still there.

*Important tip*  Do NOT delete your path as we did in the previous tutorials for it will indeed be deleted and then you’d have to go through the entire “Copy/Paste” thing all over again with this path.    Instead, go back to your Paths Palette and Create a new Path (circled in red).

Your path is now hidden and you are able to see your drawn hair.  (I cheated and moved mine before I took the screen shot.)  Remember before you move your hair, go back to the Layers Palette.

To use a different vector path,  go back to the WZ_Vector Hair Path image.  Using the Paths Palette, select a different path and Edit/Copy … go back to your extracted image … Edit/Paste ….. follow the previous steps.  Rinse and Repeat as needed.

There you have it.  How to use the predrawn vector paths.

Here is the hair I’ve drawn in:

Here is Jaz with a full and beautiful coiffure.

This has to be the last tutorial on hair for I have completely exhausted all resources for bad hair puns.  Although these were just too groan-worthy not to be mentioned:  British Hairways, Fringe Benefits, Barber Blacksheep, Comb One Comb All, Hair Force One, Mane Man, and my favourite: Julius Scissor.

The materials for the preview are from Studio Gypsy’s “Keeper of Time” and “Glitter Splats”.

Good luck all and if you have any questions at all or need clarification on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Either comment here, or PM me in Scrapbookgraphics forums.  I would LOVE to see your results so PLEASE share them with me.


6 Responses to “Miss Behaving: “Combing” Attractions”
  1. pj says:

    Awesome tutorial. I bought my brushes!! Now if I can just make them do what you make them do, hehe. Thanks for the great Hairtuts!

  2. kate says:

    fabulous fabulous fabulous once again. You are such a sweetie for sharing these tuts with us! Love your sense of humor spread throughout them as well. Thanks bunches

  3. Sandy_in_MD says:

    Just when I thought you might run out of hair puns!! (lol!) Thanks for another great tutorial, Miss B! (And thanks to Wendy for that awesome hair brush set!)

  4. orachel says:

    A hair vector tut?!!! Just exactly what I needed, and photos are great. You, my dear, are a MARVEL! and could probably turn that into a pun somehow using ‘marcelled’, but quite frankly my wit is not the equal of yours w/ hair humor. ;) Thanks ever so much for the effort you put into these complex tutorials. And btw, they need to stick a link to Miss Behaving in the “tag cloud” on upper right of the blog, would make it mondo easier to find you and tut-ie goodness.

  5. Tara says:

    Wowwwwwwwww you rock my world girl! This is AMAZING like every tutorial you write but a wee bit more special. hehehe! I can’t wait to dig my head into this one. Mwahhhh xoxoxoxo


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